Air Checks of me on the radio.


Dave Munsey and I were on Jim and Sharon Girodo's Radio Show, you can always listen at:


Jim Girodo, former FOX-10 Vice President, Me and Dave Munsey.

Jim Girodo, former FOX-10 Vice President, Me and Dave Munsey.



From time to time people will send me recordings or air checks of me on the radio.  It's always fun to reminisce and think back to my radio days.  Radio was always my favorite.


Here are two air-checks of me on the radio during my time in Battle Creek, Michigan on Keener Radio, WKFR AM & FM.  

They were sent to me by Fred Bunzl an Englishman and between about 1968-1973 he was a committee member in the "Campaign For Independent Broadcasting", a listener action group of volunteers lobbying at parliamentary level for the end of monopoly radio in the UK. He sent me a request asking for some recordings of our station and an explanation on how we program it.  I answered him, by sending an audio explanation of what we were doing and the two air-checks of my show.  Here it is as posted on his web-site.

Here are three air checks from WMMS.  Notice the weather forecasts, temps in the 30's. The promotion of our concerts:  Steppenwolfe and Arlo Guthrie on the same stage! Another concert we did, you'll hear on the recordings is of Janice Joplin and the Holding Company on stage with Country Joe and the Fish! Tickets 4 dollars!  This was 1969!  

Also one of the air-checks was recorded on my 25th birthday.

Also below an air-check of me on Bob Hope's WBMJ in San Juan, Puerto Rico.