Golden Globes - Who Cares?

I was in the gym doing cardio and I noticed all the TV’s were on the national morning shows not the locals. I wonder why.


Anyway, they all spent un-Godly amounts of time covering the Golden Globe Awards.  Why?  Who cares? 


These awards shows are for industry insiders.  It’s a time for the actors and others to pat themselves on the back for the “wonderful, magnificent” jobs they did amongst themselves. (Did I just say that?)  


Thanking the crews, the writers, cameramen, producers whomever.  All this self-aggrandizement, this inflated egocentric existence is within their own business.  But you know what I think, that’s ok, as long as they keep it within their industry.  It has nothing to do with us. These shows should be closed circuit, broadcast to their own people, not to the public. 


So why does the media care?  What about an awards show for the best teachers, or firefighters, or police officers?  You know what?  They do have their own ceremonies, but they’re not on TV. 


It’s the media’s fascination to attract the frivolous, unnecessary, glamour crap that they think attracts an audience.  


Well, here’s the headline from Entertainment’s web site the morning after:

Golden Globes ratings lowest in years!