Why I Think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Dumb Ass!

Who is the standard bearer, the rising star of the Democratic Party?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the wide eyed, (deer in the headlights), young socialist, who seems to be more popular than any movie star these days.

 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, member of Congress representing Brooklyn, New York, the democrat darling, recently made the statement that all billionaires are immoral. And the system (capitalism) that makes billionaires is immoral, where there are “rich” people in this country while children in the southern states who live in poverty are suffering from ringworm!  Yes, ringworm!

And, she also says, due to Climate Change, the world is going to end in 12 years!  Perhaps you should stop contributing to your 401k’s!

 Three points I would like to make.

Number one: if she would take some responsibility for what she says, I would suggest she read the papers!  Example:  Last Saturday in the Wall Street Journal, there was a beautiful op-ed piece written by Bill Gates, perhaps the world’s most famous billionaire.  Here it is, if you would like to read it: 


 It outlines what he’s doing to reduce world poverty and disease.  To date he has put a total of 10 billion dollars of his own  money into the cause.  10 billion from one man.  What an evil, immoral billionaire! 

And where do you suppose that money came from, the Federal Government?  No from a Capitalist system that has raised more people from abject poverty to self sustaining than any other economic system in the history of the world.  Period. You can google this, the top 5% of income earners in this country pay about 60% of all Federal Income Taxes! Period!

For  more on Capitalism watch this:


Number two:  Ringworm is a skin infection that is commonly treated with over-the-counter drugs.  What the hell is she talking about?  Kids in the southern states get ringworm, so what? Go to Walgreens and get some ointment!

And number three:  In the year 2031 the earth will be here, I guarantee it! 

 However, if you believe her, here’s what the Moneymaven web-site   (mishtalk) says to do:

1.    Party like there's no tomorrow!

2.    Get a $50,000 line of credit or better yet, $2,000,000 if any bank will give it to you.

3.    Run up the credit cards, eat and drink whatever you want, take trips, etc.

The only thing you have to do is meet your minimum payment.

Embrace debt. You will not owe a thing in 12 years. The world won't be here.

Does it scare you that this woman was elected to congress and is the absolute darling of the democrats and the socialist news media?