Why I Hate Gillette Razor Blades

When I was a little boy, sometimes I would wonder into the bathroom while my father was shaving.  There he was in his jockey shorts, standing in front of the mirror with a straight razor in his hand and he would hone that blade against a leather strap, churn the soap in the mug, and slosh it on his face, and then stretch out his face with his left hand and carefully glide the razor down the side of his face, perfectly with his right.  Wow! For a kid that was exciting.


Then came the day when instead of the straight razor he had something new, a little silver handle, which he turned, and the top opened up and inside he inserted a two-sided blade.  A Gillette Blue Blade! This was even more exciting to a 5 year old, because the leather strap became useless, after all it was used for more than just shaving!


Anyway, the point is, when I started shaving, probably 12 or 13 years old, I always used Gillette, because my father did, it was a right of passage, it was tradition.  So for about 60 years I was a Gillette customer. 


I remember sitting with my father in the living room watching the Friday Night Fights on TV, sponsored by who else?



“Look Sharp, Feel Sharp, Be Sharp!”


It was about being a man, and for me growing up to be a man.


Then much later in my career, I remember, when doing business news on TV, I would talk with financial experts, and occasionally they would mention Gillette as a company, that for some reason, was able to command extraordinary high prices for a product as simple as razor blades. Probably taking advantage of its long tradition of being a man’s product, incorporating its connection to sports, boxing, baseball and football. And in time, through changes in ownership, now owned by Proctor and Gamble, young managers, and young Public Relations people, they lost sight of what it meant to guys like me to shave with the same razor blades my father used.


So one day, I’m at Target, needing blades, and there were the Gillette blades sitting next to “Harry’s” blades.  Gillette – 40 bucks, Harry’s 9 bucks!  That was a couple of years ago, I’ve been using Harry’s ever since.   My thoughts were, Gillette in my opinion, killed the goose that laid the golden egg. 


And, of course, Gillette has been suffering ever since, slashing prices and trying to come up with new marketing plans.  One was a focus on the Gillette workers, and how dedicated they are to their jobs.



Now comes the new Ad campaign from Gillette and it has got a lot of people ticked off!  From GQ Magazine: 


Men Are Mad Online Because of a New Gillette Commercial


Piers Morgan recently tweeted,  “Let's be clear: @gillette now wants every man to take one of their razors & cut off his testicles.”


It sounds like Proctor and Gamble, owners of the Gillette company have hired a liberal Public Relations firm, and are participating in the feminization of the American Male.


Well, I don’t buy razor blades to support social issues, there are other ways of doing that.  I buy razor blades because they give me a clean shave at a reasonable price.  Please Henrys stick to what you’re doing, forget the social crusading.  Good bye Gillette, I will never buy any of your products again!