So many people have asked me on social media, “what can we do to fight back against the unethical, immoral mainstream media, or other institutions that threaten our freedoms.

Well here’s one thing I know, and I know that I know, from being in the Broadcast/Advertising business for over 50 years.  Hit them where it hurts, in the pocketbook.


Here’s an example, when the C.E.O. of Dick’s Sporting Goods Edward Stack announced the stores would no longer sell ‘Assault (style) Rifles,’ because of the mass shooting at a Florida high school, I thought, “this man is not a logical thinker, how can he be a CEO of a large company?

What the hell is an Assault (style) Rifle anyway, a rifle with a fancy pistol grip, or adjustable stock, or camouflage finish?”


My family and I loved Dick’s Sporting Goods, we would go in and spend hundreds of dollars frequently, but since that announcement, we haven’t been in a Dick’s Sporting Goods since. (We now go to “Big 5 Sporting Goods.”)


And here are the headlines in today’s news: 

·      “Dick's Sporting Goods:  Gun policy change, Under Armour to blame for weak results”  ..Fox Business Channel

·      “Dick’s Says Under Armour, New Gun-Sales Policy Dragged on Results”..Wall Street Journal

·      “Dick’s Sporting Goods Sales Sink After Gun Policy”  …National Review

·      “Gun Policy, Under Armour weakness hit Dick’s Sporting Sales” ..Reuters


Dick’s business is down 4% since their CEO made his anti-gun announcement.  The weaker-than-expected results bucked a trend in the retail sector, which largely has benefited from a surge in consumer spending fueled by a booming economy according to the Wall Street Journal.


Yes, Dick’s Sporting Goods is blaming its loss in sales on Kohl’s Department Stores because Kohl’s sells Under Armour Sporstwear.  Yea sure, that’s it!


This is the power that every individual in our country has, if you don’t agree with these socialistic zealots, whether they be big media companies, coffee shops or sporting goods stores, or whatever, don’t watch, don’t go there, don’t buy their products.


And if you really want to do something really powerful, fire off an e-mail, or even a snail mail, and tell them, you will never step into their store again, you’ll never watch, and you are informing their advertisers and their suppliers (like Under Armour) that you will never buy their products again in that store!


You think CNN is untruthful?  Of course, they are the only news outlet that is saying Dick’s Sporting Goods loss in business is not because of its gun sales policy. Here’s their headline: “

“Dick's Sporting Goods' rough quarter had nothing to do with guns.”  That’s a lie and you know it.  Who wrote that do you think?  Some 25 year old graduate of a liberal journalism school probably. So what do you do?  Contact one or two of their advertisers and tell them you will not buy their product any longer until they stop advertising on an unethical network! This is powerful!


I can’t tell you how many times in my broadcast career, I was called into the boss’s office because I might have offended an advertiser. 


Remember my very first chapter in my book:  “It Just Wasn’t Perfect for Me,”  I found out in my very first broadcasting job, the advertiser comes first! You walking into that store, or watching that program comes first with the advertiser!