Well once again I get ticked off when journalists or broadcasters misuse the word monsoon in their reporting. After all when you read a news story or listen to a newscast your assume it is factual, right? For example there is a weekend news anchor on a tv station of which I am very familiar with, reports a "monsoon" is rolling in from the north, he is wrong, which totally destroys his credibility. A political commentary in the Wall Street Journal refers to "summer monsoons sweeping across the valley."

As a retired meteorologist and TV news anchor, I bristle every time a member of the media refers to a thunder or dust storm as a monsoon. The definition of "monsoon" is a seasonal shift of the winds that creates a change in the weather, and most likely an influx of moisture which creates a rainy season.

The emphasis here is on the word "season." Monsoon is a "season", not a storm. A thunderstorm during the monsoon is called a thunderstorm, or if you prefer, a monsoon thunderstorm. And by the way, a dust storm is nothing more than a thunderstorm where the moisture has evaporated. This has been an ongoing campaign of mine for the last 30 years or so as it indicates to me that someone did not do their homework when it comes to using facts. Not a good way to begin a commentary about Arizona politics.