My Review of Dave Munsey's Book, "Munsey Business"


In February of 1987, I packed up my family in our mini-van, 4 kids and a dog, and moved across the country, from Lansing, Michigan to Phoenix, Arizona to begin a new life.  I had no idea what the future had in store, as the geographic splendor of this nation revealed itself to me as we rolled west, my apprehension increased, would I be welcome in a strange land? 


My first encounter on my new job as a TV Weatherman was Dave Munsey.  He welcomed me warmly, showed me the ropes, had me laughing continuously, and encouraged me.


That’s what kind of guy Dave is, and it shows in his book “Munsey Business.”  I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter.  Hilarious in some chapters and poignant in others. 


And more than anything, it is inspirational. It shows that, if you work hard and dedicate yourself to your God given talents, and your career, success can come your way. As Dave and I said many times in our private conversations, no one handed us anything, it was not always easy, we worked hard for everything and just kept going and enjoyed every second of it. 


This book also serves as kind of a history of the once legendary Phoenix Television Station, Channel 10 in Phoenix.  The stories and struggles are just fascinating. 


Dave is a great talent and humanitarian which shows in his efforts to save children from drowning in his “Watch Your Children Around Water” campaign, which he created and fought to keep on the air against wishes of dim-witted management.


“Munsey Business” serves as testimonial to how one guy from a small town in North Dakota can make difference in one of the nation’s largest cities. And it is so much fun to read!  I know you will enjoy it.


Rick D’Amico