Bill Cosby and my Mother

Back in the '60's my mother was a salad chef at the Hospitality Motor Inn in Willoughby Hills, Ohio.  This was the place where major show business stars of the day stayed when they were appearing at a theater nearby. Most of them had breakfast in the coffee shop.

My mother was thrilled to meet these show business icons.  She would come home almost every day with autographed pictures and autographed napkins and other memorabilia from the likes of Danny Thomas, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Sammy Davis Jr. and more.  She would become well known to the entertainers and many of them would go into the kitchen to see if she was there, and kid her about here salads or orange juice.

You may have noticed that I said most of them had breakfast in the coffee shop.  One big star of the day never left his hotel room, he always ordered room service.  That was Bill Cosby.  It was rumored that he always had a number of young girls in his room.  One day he walked into the coffee shop and my mother grabbed him and said, "You should be ashamed of yourself, be true to your wife!"

That's why these accusations about Mr. Cosby never really surprised me.  But honestly, to see this giant show business star who represented true American values as Dr. Huxtable in his extremely successful television show, this truly funny stand-up comedian, who's humor was all about family and raising children, to see this man be accused and found guilty of drugging and raping women over years and years, this is one of the most depressing days for me and for America.