More on the School Shooting Tragedy in Florida

       I originally wrote the blog below on February 18th, today March 3rd, 2018 , the current news about this tragedy is even worse.

       Police officers sworn to "Serve and Protect" cowardly stayed outside the school, while children were being gunned down.  Now let me ask you a simple question:  If your child were in that school at the time of the shooting would you have run inside regardless of what the inept sheriff of that county said?  Of course you would, so would have I, even If I didn't have a weapon.

      And how many times does it take for police to investigate a mentally ill young man, who expresses his desire to shoot and kill innocent people, with an arsenal of guns, how many times does it take before someone says, "Hey we better stop this guy before he harms someone!"

      And the tarnished FBI who disregarded the warnings is even more disgraced.  

       So now the gun control idiots want to make it illegal for a person under the age of 21 to buy a rifle.  What happens when a 17 year old joins the army, serves his country for a 3 year enlistment as a soldier in battle, and when released at the age of 20 cannot buy a rifle?  Good question?

      So the bottom line is, for some time now, mentally ill people are no longer cared for, some can and will buy guns and shoot innocent people, and guns should be restricted from law abiding people who want to protect themselves and their families from these mental deranged killers?