The last time I visited my granddaughter’s school I took note of the security systems in place. 

         A huge and high perimeter fence surrounds the campus, there is only one entrance and exit during class time.  You approach the front entrance and you’re on camera. You enter thru a vestibule where you’re on camera and buzzed into the main lobby. 

         There in the main lobby you see the administrative staff behind bullet proof glass, and you're questioned as to your appointment.

         You are then given a security pass to allow you on campus, and oh yes say hello to the Phoenix Police Resource office on campus. (Yes, he's armed, of course.) He’s been there a number of years and the kids love him, why he even acts as an emergency substitute at times, other times he teaches classes about drug abuse and bullying.

         The Paradise Valley School Superintendent James P. Lee sent out an email to all parents on what they are doing to keep our kids safe.  And I believe him.

         “ Throughout the school year, our principals and teachers routinely practice Emergency Response Plan protocols such as fire, lockdown, shelter-in-place and other drills with students. The Emergency Response Plan is reviewed annually and updated. In addition, all schools have a School Emergency Response Team (SERT) that routinely meets to review school safety, which includes conducting two table top exercises.  All employees are required to watch an active shooter video annually”

         So here’s my point what were the authorities in Florida doing to keep their children safe on campus?  Here’s the shocking answer:  Nothing! 

         The school campus where the shooting took place, was easily accessible from the street, just walk right in!  No security procedures at all, just walk right in! And open fire in a gun-free zone! Who’s responsible for this? 

         What were the police doing to keep the kids safe, absolutely nothing, they were called to the Florida shooter’s home over 16 times for suspicion of violent behavior, and did nothing. 

         And the FBI?  What did the FBI do to protect the students?  Nothing.  They got word that the shooter warned he was going to shoot up the school, but his name was a common Spanish name and they thought it didn’t warrant any further “work” to discover who he was! And then, the FBI received a tip with detailed information about the shooter and his plans and the FBI ignored it!

         So then comes the tragedy and what do you hear from the politicians and Media talking heads – BLAME THE GUN! It’s the gun’s fault, ban the guns! 

         Florida Senator Bill Nelson, a Democrat, and a real air-head in my opinion (I saw him once being interviewed on a local Orlando TV Station and the man is a bloviating fool!)

Nelson says it’s the AR-15 that’s the problem. He exclaimed, “It’s not a hunting rifle!”  Huh?

         Question:  What did Senator Nelson do to protect the students? Nothing!  What did the school authorities do to protect the kids?  Nothing!  What did the Florida State Legislature do to protect the kids?  Nothing!

         Do you suppose they are aware of what we do here in Arizona to protect our children?  If so, why are they not doing the same?

         And the media?  Even Fox gets it wrong.  Brett Baier succumbed to the hysteria by proclaiming, “There have been 11 school shootings already this year!”  --A lie.  11 shootings near a school, some at night, others while the school was empty, some where a gun accidently discharged, and two on campus murders. Liberal lie, generated by one of Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun organizations. I, by the way, corrected Baier, via Twitter, and they seemed to have dropped that lie from their coverage.

         And Stuart Varney, my favorite News Anchor on the Fox Business Network, said, “he wouldn’t want his kids to go to school if people (police officers and administrative staff) on campus were armed, it was too dangerous!” Come on Stuart, we've been doing that here in Arizona for many years.  You know there is a real world between the coasts.

         On a morning talk show, I watched and laughed when a talking head said, “You can’t have armed police officers on school campuses, that’s dangerous!”  Believe me, I know from my over 50 years in the News Media, these people are un-informed mental midgets, who’s primary objective is to look good on camera.

         This is all part of that east coast liberal media and political elite who have no idea how to stop this violence.  Except take the easy way out, ban the gun. 

         The solution is to make it extremely difficult for a shooter to get on campus in the first place, and if and when he does, he must be met with deadly force.

         “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun!”   ….The NRA.