WHO I ENDORSE FOR U.S. SENATE IN ARIZONA (and read on, who I'm endorsing for Governor!)

So Ruth and I were walking through a parking ramp yesterday morning, and a stranger came up to me and asked if I was a veteran.  Turns out he was a US Navy Corpsman now serving in the Air National Guard. I told him I served as a Medic in the U.S. Air Force Strategic Air Command.  So we reminisced about our service to our country.


And it got me to thinking, you know, to serve your country in uniform, in the military, you have to take an oath that you will protect our country and the Constitution of the United States of America  - with your life!


I never saw combat, but Martha McSally did.  She took the oath to protect our country and went into combat in harm’s way, putting her life in danger to protect us, fighting the Taliban.  Now let me ask you a question, would Kristin Sinema do that?  Hell no, she advocated joining the Taliban to fight us!  Do you want a person like that, in the US Senate representing Arizona?


Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods announces he wants to run for the US Senate for the late John McCain’s seat in 2020, as a Democrat.  Then he appears in a commercial saying he’s a Republican endorsing Democrat Kristin Sinema!  Lies, hypocrisy and deceit. I can only conclude that they think we’re all, well, just stupid.



I never met her, I never even talked to anyone connected to her campaign or the Republican Party for that matter, but I want you to know, I not only support Martha McSally, I already voted for her!


I hope you will too and do what I did, and vote for a Military Hero, the first woman ever to fly a fighter jet in a combat mission, a woman who put her life in harm’s way to defend our country.  She represents everything that has made America Great, as an Air Force Veteran I’m so proud of her:  Martha McSally stands for law and order, strong military, defending our boarders, and the very strong, historic economic expansion under President Donald Trump.


Martha McSally for U.S. Senate.  Yes!


When I was the Editor of Business and Economics News at Channel 10, one day I was doing a story about a single mother who started a hairdressing business in South Phoenix.  She was a minority and was hoping to get a small business loan to expand her business.


I asked her in the interview, “how do you plan to expand?”  She said, she wanted to have enough money to add some chairs in the shop and hire more employees.


When I left, my photographer shooting the story with me said, “So that’s how it works?”  I said, “what do you mean?”  “That’s where jobs come from?” 


You see, he went to college, studied journalism, and started working, yet he was never taught in college how jobs are created.


90% of jobs in our country are created by small business owners, entrepreneurs who put it all out on the line, sacrificing what little capitol they have, at the risk of losing it all, to create something.


Doug Ducey, the Governor of Arizona did just that.  He took a small business and developed it to a national employer with over 1400 locations, thousands of jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.  He is a job creator, not a liberal, college professor, backed by one of the largest democratic lobbying organizations in the US. 


Since Ducey became governor, Arizona has added about 300,000 new jobs and over 300 companies have moved here. Workers are taking home bigger paychecks and unemployment is the lowest in a decade.


He’s a law and order governor.  He created the Border Strike Force cracking down on drug cartels and human traffickers. And he has the state investing in education - $2.7 billion added to K-12 public schools since 2015 and teachers across Arizona are receiving double digit raises.


He gets results where it counts. 


Not only do I support him, I already voted for him and I hope you do too!