I certainly would never disparage anyone from living in an area where they "have" to live, because of jobs, careers, family etc.  But when it comes to "choice," living and owning property in areas from the gulf coast to the Florida Peninsula to up the east coast is, in my view, dangerous.  

I spent 50 years in Broadcasting, mostly as a Broadcast Meteorologist, and for years and years, climatologists, meteorologists, NOAA and other government agencies have been warning about the proliferation of development  in these areas.  Everyone wants to live on the water, (  you ever watch "Beachfront Bargain Hunt or those other shows on HGTV?) but when a storm like Irma and now Jose comes thru, it's almost impossible to protect one's property and nearly impossible to evacuate.  How do you evacuate the entire state of Florida?  How can the federal government protect all these people?

I don't even know why I'm writing this because I have no answers to this problem.  All I know is I "chose" to put my sailboat in Southern California, the water is too cold there for tropical storms, so all I need to worry about is earthquakes! 

Rick D'Amico