Glen Campbell

         It’s not surprising to me to see the outpouring of sympathy and feelings of grief over the passing of Glen Campbell.  For you see Glen Campbell was an extraordinary human being.


         I first met him when one day back in 1994, I think, I walked into the channel 10 make-up room where I was getting ready to do the noon news.  And there he was, standing there with his guitar on his shoulder, all by himself.  I was shocked, “Glen Campbell!”  I said in disbelief.  He grabbed my hand and said, “Hey Rick, great to meet you!”  He went on to tell me about a mutual friend we had in Los Angeles, and we talked about being on television. 


         This incident was surreal, mostly because Glen Campbell was a huge mega-star, and he was talking to me just like he was my next-door neighbor!  A regular no-nonsense guy. 



         During the days of “American Idol” channel 10 produced a local version called “Arizona Idol.”  And Glen Campbell appeared with us on stage at the “The Dodge Theater” now “The Comerica Theater,” and I spent time with him and his family back stage, talking about his son’s future career in show business and how much fun we were having. 


         Glen Campbell also was an almost regular guest on our morning TV show, he always showed up alone, no entourage, with his guitar over his shoulder, sat down and talked, got up and sang, and was just the most humble and sincere man and oh so grateful.


         One day Glen sang a number of songs on our show, and we wanted to end the program with him singing “Rhinestone Cowboy.”  The producer made a timing error, and she discovered while Glen was singing his hit song we had a couple of extra minutes to fill, so the floor director kept giving him the signal to stretch, so he gestured for all of us to gather around him, and we all kept singing ..”like a rhinestone cowboy..” over and over again until the end of the show.  And afterwards we laughed and laughed.




         If you read my book, “It Just Wasn’t Perfect for Me,” you know I interviewed many celebrities, and many of them who didn’t make the book, were so full of themselves it was pathetic.  They would march in the studio with an entourage, demanding goodies in the green room, not allowing anyone take pictures..etc.   And hardly any of them accomplished a fraction of what Glen Campbell did. 


         But here is Glen Campbell, musician, song writer, magnificent guitar player, singer, Hollywood Actor in major films co-starring with major actors, former host of a number one prime-time television network variety show, and recording artist, who has had so many hits, they were, as I told him one day, the sound track to my life!  And he was just so humble and seemed to be unaffected by his success.


         He was one of a kind. He was blessed and we were blessed to have him for a very short time on earth.