Lessons from Hurricane Harvey

If anything good is coming out of Hurricane Harvey, it’s this:  We as Americans, in spite of the socialist left wing media outlets, have compassion for one another.


The images of people helping people, whites helping blacks, blacks helping whites, Hispanic and white and black people and all people  having compassion for one another, aiding each other, this is the real America.  


It’s not about those extremist organizations that spew venom and hate, it’s about real people and love.


First responders, organizations, businesses, churches, and just people, people with trucks, people with drinking water, people with boats,  people with blankets, people with money.  Budweiser stopped production of its beer and is filling cans with water for the victims, is just one example.  The Red Cross and the Salvation Army, the firefighters from all around the county all pitching in.


Once again this nation comes through to help those in need. 


Despite the cruel, shameless, socialist CNN’s and MSNBC’s and CBS’s, who have found time to criticize the president’s wife for her shoes, or President Trump’s timing of his visit, or his demeanor. 


Can you imagine people are dying and/ or losing just about everything they have in this disaster and the mainstream media continues its hateful diatribe against President Trump and his family?


When will they do their job? Accept their responsibility to tell the truth and celebrate what this country is really all about.