Rick's Blog on Johnny Depp

Back in the early 80’s I was working at WILS-AM radio in Lansing, Michigan.  One afternoon I was doing a live remote broadcast from the Lansing Mall and I noticed a man in a brown three-piece suit, carry a brief case who kept walking by me.


He finally approached me and asked about the station and wanted to know who the station manager was.  I told him, big mistake.  Turns out he wanted to kill her!  He called the station and threatened her.  She called the police.


The police paid him a visit and during the interview he made some threatening remarks about the Vice President of the United States George H.W. Bush.  Well guess what?  They called the Secret Service, arrested him and hauled him off to jail!


So here we are in 2017 and Johnny Depp said President Trump should be assassinated, Kathy Griffin says the president should be decapitated, Madonna said he should be killed when she blows up the White House, and Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar on The View, daily make sickening, disgusting remarks about the President and his family. 


And that’s OK?  No, it’s not, and they should receive the same treatment that the man in the three-piece suit got, they should be arrested and hauled off to jail.


But I want you to know this.  In my 50 year career in Broadcasting, as you know, if you read my book, “It Just Wasn’t Perfect for Me” I interviewed many show business people. Some of them were bright and intelligent, but a lot of them were just plain air-heads.  Self-indulged, shallow minded, immature, people who were living a phony life of make-believe. Yes I interviewed Johnny Depp and I was not impressed.


It’s like being back in high school, where the show-offs just wanted to be accepted and be part of the in-crowd.  These show off types like Johnny Depp, Madonna, Kathy Griffin, George Clooney and the like live in this West Coast – East Coast make believe world, protected by their lackeys, they send their kids to private schools, live in million dollar mansions, and could care less if you can send your kids to college or even pay your mortgage. They are just selfish, immature, and clueless.


Keep that in mind when one of these idiots speaks out, they’re just children, immature spoiled little brats and we should not pay them any attention whatsoever.