Who's Defending President Donald Trump?

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Democrats and Republicans, not much difference between the two of them?”  I used to hear that all the time, but never believed it until now.


These inflammatory, outrageous, hysterical attacks on President Trump by democrats, in public, (Sound bites on Liberal TV News) are so over the top, it blows my mind that management and owners of these news outlets, and stockholders, are not convulsing! And demanding some balance!


How often do you see Nancy Pelosi, and Charles Schumer passionately and vociferously lying about President Trump’s agenda?  Congresswoman Maxine Waters, almost from the moment President Trump recited the oath of office, Waters began a quest for Trump’s impeachment.


Texas Congressman Al Green calling for the president’s impeachment, and then claims he was threatened with a lynching for saying so.  And of, course, CBS (the vulgar network) and other liberal media eat it up as if the threat, if there was one, comes from all conservative people.  All conservatives I know would never even think of such a thing. 


Now here’s my point, how often do you see leaders of the Republican Party on TV, passionately, and vociferously, defending President Trump?  Oh really?  Never?  You are right, on the contrary they are either silent or make comments subtly disparaging him.


For example, Senator John McCain tells MSNBC that a “special congressional committee needs to be appointed to investigate connections between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russian officials.  You think the senator left out the word “alleged” connections? 


Senator Lindsey Graham, says an exchange he had with former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper stoked his curiosity about President’s Trump’s “shady business dealing in Russia.”


Peggy Noonan, long time conservative columnist, in last week’s Wall Street Journal charged President Trump with using democracy as his “game or play-thing.” 


Who is defending President Donald Trump? 


Donald Trump said he was going to drain the swamp!  Now we find out who the swamp really is.  Democrats and Republicans, the Washington ruling class supported by the elite, effete liberal news media who’s real agenda is to destroy Donald Trump. 


How can he survive this onslaught?