How's Retirement? - Here's How I Feel After 8 Months.

         Probably the most common question I get from people every day is, “how’s retirement?”

         And here’s my answer.   Two things really surprise me.

         One, after eight months of retirement, I really don’t miss my job at all!

         And two, I don’t feel any different, I’m pretty much the same!


         Here’s why, I think, I don’t miss my job at all.  If you read my book, “It Just Wasn’t Perfect for Me,” you already know working in my profession was a trade-off, doing something you love, yet having to do it with and for people who either through incompetence or stupidity, slightly spoiled the experience.

         I always compared it to working in an Italian Restaurant where the owner and chef through incompetence, stupidity and or greed, had no idea how to cook Italian food, and no desire to learn, but-yet it was close enough to make it mediocre. So you do everything you can to have fun, do your best and set aside the problems.   

         Also, I’m basically a lazy person, so sleeping in, staying home, and sailing my boat when and where I want to, kind of offsets the whole job experience.   


         And two:  I feel no different now than I did when I was working.  It surprises me because, retirement is one of those life changing events, and one that is planned and dreamed of in advance for years.  So now that’s it’s here, I find I’m no happier or unhappier than I was when I was working.  Same ole, same ole, with a lot more time to do what I want when I want.


         I do like to put all the windows down in my car, blast 50’s and 60’s Rock and Roll on my radio really loud when I drive to the gym every day, but then again, someone once told me, “Retirement is like being 16 years old all over again, but this time you have money!”