We need to go to New York and get some learnen!

So I was watching TV on our boat “Airtime II” and should emphasize that our boat has a broadcast TV antenna, so the only stations I could get are off the air, no cable.


The reason I mention this is because my boat is in San Diego, and there are not a lot of good TV News Operations there, so I was forced to watch, I’m so sorry to say, PBS!


The PBS News hour was on, with Judy Woodruff, and towards the end of the broadcast there was an interview with the authors of “One Nation After Trump.”


The authors E.J. Dionne and Norm Ornstein were being interviewed and making the case that President Trump is unfit for the office of the president.


So Mr. Ornstein opens up with the following to justify that premise:  The intellectual and educated people, over time, ended up in the large urban areas of the northeast, and Southern California, and the rest of nation, in the middle, who elected Donald Trump are, well, uneducated! Dumb!  Not his exact words, but that’s what he meant.

Did the PBS reporter challenge that statement?  Oh no, he just let it go because that's probably what, he along with the entire PBS news organization, believes.


So I quickly turned the TV off.  Did you know you were dumb?  We who live in the crappy little cow towns of Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, and other western cities, need to move to New York and get some learnen!