How I cut my cable bill from $400 a month to $125 a month!


So I was getting really upset, every month I noticed my cable bill was going up, and it finally got to the point where it was about 400 dollars – a month!


And I thought, ‘what was I paying for?’  It included something like 300 channels, DVR, record a bunch of shows at the same time, High speed internet service, telephone and home security. Also there were charges for renting the equipment etc, and charges for movies and so on.


And what channels was I watching?  Fox News and Fox Business and an occasional movie, a couple of network shows, and that’s it!


The telephone?  What a joke, since I retired and home all the time, I noticed the only calls coming in on the land-line were telemarketers and scam artists and fund raisers!


So one day I scooped all the equipment up took it into the cable store, and said, “I just don’t want this anymore!”  The very friendly clerk did not ask me why, just re-arranged my service to keep home security and high-speed internet.


So now what do I watch on TV?  Well I bought a “Fire Stick” from Amazon (about 30 bucks) and installed “Hulu Live,” about 40 bucks a month.  Hulu Live has all the networks, the local news shows and movies etc.  Awesome!


No, I don’t get paid for saying this, I pay like everyone else. I  also subscribe to Netflix which I think is also amazing.


And this is a good time for me to make the follow observation,  the Broadcast networks can’t hold a candle to the streaming live services.  From a technical standpoint, you don’t need a DVR or special box to rent, you want to watch a show, you watch it, if it’s live you watch it live, if it’s already been aired you watch it when you want to, you don’t need to schedule a recording.


And the biggest advantage to the streaming channels, the original content is far superior than anything the Broadcast networks can do!  Hulu’s “Handmaid’s Tale” won all the Emmys last year, awesome show, Ruth and I binged watching it! TNT’s “Good Behavior” is another one.


Netflix?  The stuff Netflix has produced so far will blow you away, “House of Cards,” “Peaky Blinders” “The Punisher” “Frontier” ““Mud Bound” “Godless” and “Bosch” to name just a few.  8 or 9 bucks a month?  What a bargain!


So now I’m trying to get our food bill down, if I can only get everyone to eat just once a week!