Why Left Wing Dems hate Donald Trump!

A wise old man once told me a long time ago the difference between successful people and losers. 


He said, losers care and complain about petty things.  For example, they don’t like the paint on the wall of the office, or the computer or copy machine doesn’t live up to their standards. They need more time for lunch, they don’t like the boss’s clothes, etc.


While winners are concerned about the big picture, becoming financially secure, or becoming  wealthy to secure their families, etc.


I once had the occasion to talk to a very successful radio newscaster who worked for probably the biggest and most successful news radio station in Phoenix, Arizona.  The station was about to move into new offices at a new location.  I said, “Hey congratulations on moving into that new office complex.”  And he replied, “Yea, well have you looked at the parking lot?  It sucks!”

Yes I was dumbfounded, why would he care about that? 


You probably have worked with many people who concern themselves with petty things in the work place rather than the big picture, why they are there in the first place?  If you read my book, “It Just  Wasn’t Perfect For Me,” you know my first job paid me 78 bucks a week. My first thought on receiving my first pay check was, ‘How can I make more money?’  So I asked successful people and I was told, “Find a better higher paying job!”  And if you don’t have the skills to do so, get them and move up, so I did.  (Notice no one told me to organize a protest and stand outside the radio station and demand they pay me more money!)


The reason I’m writing this is because I got a little ticked off this morning about a Facebook person who criticized me for praising President Donald Trump’s achievements.  She said, as most extreme liberal people either think or say, that the president hasn’t accomplished anything at all, and she hates him for what he says.


I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.  The only criticism of the president from the left is for what he says, not for what he’s accomplished!


Here’s what President Donald Trump has accomplished to today’s date:


From “The National Review”: 


 • The Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 all hit record highs on This week. The Wilshire 5000 Index calculates that some $3.4 trillion in new wealth has been created since President Trump’s inauguration and $5.4 trillion since his election. Fueled by the reality of deregulation, expectations of lower taxes, and a new tone in Washington that applauds free enterprise rather than excoriate it, the economy is on fire.


• Atop the second quarter’s 3.1 percent increase in real GDP, and 3.0 in 3Q, the New York Federal Reserve Bank predicts that 4Q output will expand by 3.8 percent. This far outpaces the feeble average-annual GDP growth rate of 1.5 percent on President Obama’s watch. Meanwhile, the IMF expects global GDP to rise by 3.5 percent this year. So much for a Trump-inspired “global recession.”


Unemployment is at 4.1 percent, a 17-year low. New unemployment claims in September were at their most modest since 1974. Goldman Sachs on November 20 “lowered our unemployment rate forecast to 3.7 percent by end-2018 and 3.5 percent by end-2019.”


According to the Wall Street powerhouse’s chief economist Jan Hatzius, “Such a scenario would take the U.S. labor market into territory almost never seen outside of a major wartime mobilization.”


• American companies have been expanding operations here rather than shipping jobs overseas. Corning, for instance, announced a $500 million investment in new U.S. production, launching 1,000 positions.


• Foreign firms have been unveiling facilities and creating jobs in America. Insourcing is now a thing. Taiwan’s Foxconn will spend $10 billion on a new Wisconsin electronics plant with 3,000 new employees. During Trump’s recent visit to China, Beijing agreed to invest $84 billion in new energy projects in West Virginia.


• If the Senate cooperates, Santa Claus will deliver $1.5 trillion in tax cuts, including a dream-come-true 43 percent reduction in corporate taxes, from a 35 percent rate to 20 percent, well below the global average of 22.5 percent. This major blow for international competitiveness should turbocharge the economy even further.

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/454028/donald-trump-accomplishments-thanksgiving


And the list of his accomplishments in this article goes on for miles.  BUT The left-wing democrats hate him for what he says and say he should be removed from office! 


How could these people be so sadly informed? 

If you read my earlier blogs about Donald Trump, I don't particularly like him, I wish he would just keep his mouth shut and do his job, but he is what he is, and his supporters accept him for what he is.  To my left wing friends, do you think this is outrageous?  Well let me end with a little true story.

One morning I was sitting in on the morning radio show on KFYI in Phoenix with radio host at the time, Ed Walsh. President Clinton was in office at the time during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  We were talking to left-wing commentator Eleanor Clift now on MSNBC and The Daily Beast.  I asked her, "Arn't you just outraged that President Clinton had sex with a young girl in the oval office?"  And she replied, and these are her exact words, "So the president is a philanderer so what?!!"