What Blows me Away About McCain and Flake!

What blows me away about John McCain and Jeff Flake and other Washington Swamp Dwellers, is how out of touch they are with America and their constituents.

            I remember when President Trump was elected, Senator Jeff Flake scolded Trump for not being consistent with the tenets of the Republican Party.  And my immediate reaction was, “You dumb Ass!  That’s why he was elected!”

            For 8 years we watched while the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party attack Republicans, with scathing, salacious, outraging accusations, and the Republicans never fought back.  We heard comments from republicans like McCain say things like, “Well that’s not characteristic of what it is.”  Rather than say, “Barrack Obama is lying!” 


            We watched the economy slide, wages fall, unemployment up, people on welfare and disability skyrocket, and the whole time Obama and the Dirty Dems lied and said the opposite. 


            We watched the Obama Administration use the IRS as a political tool to attack conservatives.  We watched Obama denigrate our police officers, endorse violent racial groups, and help exsascerbate the racial divide in America. 


            We watched while the Clintons amassed enormous wealth in using high government positions in what was truly a conflict of interest.


            We saw the FBI Director indict Hillary Clinton with high crimes and misdemeanors and then say he would not prosecute her.


            We watched as the liberal, immoral and unethical mainstream news media totally ignore the Obama transgressions against the constitution, including the 2nd Amendment,  to destroy American Business with a tremendous increase in regulations and red tape, and along with Hillary Clinton lie to the American people and to the parents of those who died in Benghazi yet the corrupt media rips into President Trump unprecedented in the history of our country.  How many times did you see John McCain, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, Mitch McConnell and other R.I.N.O.’s vociferously defend President Trump?  Never!


            And there’s so much more, and the point is:  The Republicans never fought back! 


            So now we have a blue-collar fighter in the White House, who is looking out for the average blue-collar family in our country who is tired of being kicked around and the Washington Ruling Class, living in their lavish Washington and Arizona homes and their two floors in the Biltmore High Rise Condo and their sprawling Ranches, don’t get it. 


            We Watched a Senator who campaigned to repeal Obamacare Vote against repealing Obamacare - which would have lead to a more successful approach to Tax Reform, but he and his Washington ruling elites just didn’t know or care what it’s like for the average family to pay exorbitant amounts for Health Insurance and a huge income tax bill among other day to day expenses in raising a family.


            They just run over to “The View” and praise the Democratic Party and go home to their elite lavish life style.   That’s not the Republican Party, that’s just being a fat Washington Ruling Class, liberal who will say anything to get re-elected.