The Most challenging thing I've ever done professionally.

Occasionally I’m asked what’s the hardest or most challenging thing I’ve ever done professionally, in my 50-year media career.


Well beyond a doubt it has been writing a book.  Many people who have done so, have warned me about the rigors of taking on such a task, but I felt I had it in me, and I want you know it was tough.


I began years ago putting it together, and after years, months, and hours of painstaking editing and re-writing I submitted it to my publisher only to have it ripped to shreds, rearranged, punctuation corrected and so on and so forth.


As I write this, the book is in its final editing process, and I think will be out soon, I thought that a few months ago, by the way.


“It Just Wasn’t Perfect for Me. My 50 Years in Television and Radio Broadcasting.”  Is the name of it, and will be available on Amazon as an e-book or paperback soon.  I’ll let you know….