How has retirement changed my life?



            I get that question a lot.  Another one is, so what are you doing now?   I was on the Pat McMahon show a few weeks ago, (on 92.3 KTAR radio) and he asked, “is it hard breaking away from the news?”  My answer, is and remains to be this: “I have not watched one single news program since my last day on TV.  No Fox News Channel, no Bill O’Reilly, no CNN, no CBS.  I spend most of my TV time watching re-runs of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” with Larry David!


            During my time on TV, I was consumed by the news.  First thing in the morning, listening to the radio, then on with the TV, checking the news channel while I got dressed, downstairs grabbing two newspapers and eating breakfast.  Driving to work listening to the radio news. And when I got to work, on-line checking out the news sites and while on the air, checking my phone for news bulletins.  Almost the same thing in reverse after work, listening to the radio news driving home, switching on the TV news channels when I walked into the house.  Someone once wrote it’s like cramming for a final exam every day!  Well now, IT’S OVER!! And I’m taking a big breath every day.  People are telling me I look so relaxed! Thanks!


            I do read the Wall Street Journal every morning, but it seems to calm me, knowing that the words are from sane, unbiased, objective journalists, (Op Ed page excluded).  So now I feel I’m a much happier person.  I think it all has to do with breaking away from adversarial/ advocacy journalism, and just contemplating the facts.  I think It’s what Edward R. Murrow ment when he said something to the effect, “mixing journalism, show business and advertising can’t work, it’s like mixing oil and water.”