Charles Osgood



About 28 years ago I was asked to do the weather on the CBS morning show, on the CBS Television Network.  Ruth and I flew to New York on a Sunday and the following morning I walked into the big CBS Broadcast studio and was blown away when I discovered who I would be anchoring with, Charles Osgood!


This was one of the most exciting and satisfying experiences of my career.  To sit next to a legend and to learn that he was one of the nicest, most polite and civil people I had ever met.  Such a gracious gentleman, what you saw of him on the air was exactly the way he was in person.  Cordial and gracious to everyone in the studio behind the scenes and on camera.  I learned from him, be nice to people and be yourself. And if you comfortable with yourself, you’ll be comfortable on the air, and, as he said, the audience can detect that easily.


Yesterday was Charles Osgood’s last day on the air anchoring CBS Sunday Morning after 22 years, and I might add 45 years at CBS.  He is loved by his fellow employees, his audience, and I believe is a National Treasure.  I’ll miss his comfortable and reassuring presence on Sunday morning.  Thank you Charles Osgood and “see you on the radio!”