Three things that have me ticked off!


1-   Wells Fargo.  Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf apologized to customers for more than 2 million fake accounts opened in their names, but denied any fraud by bank management. Yet over 5 thousand employees were fired for doing so. How could a fraudulent practice that wide spread not go unnoticed before it reached such a huge magnitude? 

Carrie Tolstedt, the head of the division where the fake accounts were created who is set to walk away with $124 million in stocks and options, when she retires later this year.  John Stumph should resign immediately and both he and Tolstedt should be arrested and stripped of their bonuses and compensation.


2-   Samsung announced the global recall of 2.5 million of its flagship smartphones just two weeks after they were launched. Because they explode or catch fire!  Rather than recall them, the company should apologize and credit customer’s accounts so they can buy I-phones! Or any other phone that might not explode on airplane or bus or in your back pocket!


3-   The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story about super markets now offering fresh deli foods, and the problem was keeping food born germs and illnesses at bay.  I recently ate the sample sushi at one of the valley’s largest, just opened super supermarkets, and the next day I had to campout next to the toilet for two days!


All this leads me to the question:  Doesn’t anyone care anymore, about quality, service, honor, credibility?