Black Friday/Cyber Monday


Is it because I’m getting old, or perhaps some of you might say really old, or has the commercialization of Christmas become just to overwhelming?


This Black Friday and Cyber Monday stuff is out of control.  I was blown away by emails last Thursday and Friday and then Sunday and Monday morning, inundated with emails to buy stuff now. Monday morning alone, I had over 400 emails in my in box!   Last night (Cyber Monday evening) emails were still coming in, declaring just a few hours left to save! 


And to see the people rushing into the stores on Thanksgiving evening and Black Friday so they could get a deal or bargain on something they will more than likely throw away by the time the next Black Friday rolls around, is astonishing! 


I’ve often wondered, how much money do these people have in their 401k’s or IRA’s?  Economists say 2/3rds of our economy is based on consumer spending.  Too bad, most of it is spent on junk.


Someone once said the secret to getting wealthy, is buying and selling.  You buy something that gains in value over time, then sell it at a profit.  Unfortunately, most of the stuff purchased over the last few days will be worthless in just a few weeks.


We need to revive the spiritual meaning of this holiday season.