Main Stream Media - "Money Grubbing Scum!"

Main Stream Media – “Money Grubbing Scum!”



         God Bless David Letterman.  I remember watching him on late-  night and falling off the couch laughing when he called his bosses, NBC, “Money Grubbing Scum!” 


         Conservative are happy over the Trump win, and more than happy over the Clinton loss, but I believe what this country needs is a strong, charismatic, motivational leader who can bring this country together centered on strong conservative values.  Does Donald Trump have all these values?


         I don't know.  But the future shape of the Supreme Court is promising, as is the Congress controlled by conservatives.  


         And what this country also really needs is a total gutting of the unethical and immoral mainstream news media.  And, you know, this might just be on the way.  Read the article in the Wall Street Journal today,



 Big advertisers are re-thinking their approach to selling products to attract more conservative people.  


         When advertisers demand a conservative audience, the media will cave in.   Because in the words of David Letterman, they are nothing but “money grubbing scum!”  (ha ha!)