Did your vote count" Maybe not!

As it turns out, your vote probably didn’t count!


I don’t have to tell you this year’s election was disgusting, outrageous, and totally compelling.  I was so eager to vote I wanted to go to the post office and wait for my mail in ballot to arrive!  And when it did, I couldn’t wait to fill it out and mail it in.  Which I did.


Then on election night, I sat there glued to the TV and watched the returns and watched my vote (and Ruth’s vote) being counted.   Or did I?


As it turns out the mail in ballots were never counted, or most of them, at least. 


 While it’s clear that Donald Trump was elected, it wasn’t clear until the Thursday after election day that he carried Arizona. A quarter of Arizona’s vote has not been counted a full day after the election because the mail in ballots had not been counted!


As I write this (Saturday November 18, 2016) election workers here in Arizona are still counting ballots! And Arizona isn't even scheduled to announce its final numbers until the Dec. 5, nearly a month after Election Day.


Which means for those of us who voted by mail, our votes didn’t count!  Meaningless? I’m outraged over this! 


From the Arizona Republic: "This is very common throughout the country," said Center for Election Innovation and Research Executive Director David Becker. "The number of mail ballots is growing, particularly in the West. It's going to become more and more important to explain this to voters as more people vote by mail. Times may increase, and there's nothing unusual about that. It means election officials are doing their job."


I disagree!  Election officials are not doing their job, if there is an increase in volume, there should be an increase in people to handle the work load, or some sort of technology to have these ballots counted on election night.


This would be outrageous if this were a business, but what it is - is a bunch of bureaucrats who don’t understand the concept of service.