Donald Trump and sex and politics


            So now Donald Trump is in hot water again for something he said a long time ago, about wanting to have sex with a married woman, and how he loves women and wants to grab them and kiss them, etc.  These comments were made privately and somehow recorded and released to the Washington Post.  


            And in the aftermath, Senator John McCain, House Speaker Paul Ryan and other prominent republicans are racing to the exit doors from Trump’s campaign.  There’s even talk among Republican higher ups to have Trump removed from his candidacy, if that were even possible.


            So I got to thinking, you think John McCain ever had a conversation with other sailors or officers when he was in the Navy, you know in a locker room or at the officer’s club, you think he never said something to the effect that he’d like to have sex with some other woman, whether married or not?  You think when Paul Ryan was in college he never talked to some of his buddies about wanting to have sex with some girl?  You think?


            Do we judge Donald Trump by Bill Clinton’s standards, who had sex with an intern younger than his daughter, in the Oval Office!  I read an account I believe it was Time or Newsweek about Bill Clinton playing golf and he and his golfing buddies were not talking about politics.


            And I’m thinking, who in government today never did this?  Charles Grassley?  Harry Reid? 


            In ancient times governments used eunuchs to assist those in power. The value of eunuchs was that they could be better trusted since they had no desire for the wives and other women of the court. 


            You know?  That might not be a bad debate question, would you consider becoming a eunuch to serve The United States of America?