Political ads are lies!

In October of 1980 Citizens Party candidate Barry Commoner bought air time for a radio commercial that opened with the word “Bullshit!”


Want he was really trying to do was get some publicity from the news media on a small budget, and it worked for him, although the coverage was negative.


Scores of people, in shock, called the radio stations complaining about the vulgar language.  But guess what?  Radio and Television stations have no control over the content of political ads, if the candidate is involved in the ad, no matter what the message says!


So here’s my point, most if not all political ads are lies!  And I truly feel sorry for you if you believe any of them.  Any candidate can run a completely false political commercial and there is no editing, no oversite, it just goes out there, a big fat lie for everyone to see.  Hopefully, voters will know the truth and pay no attention, but unfortunately, in many cases, that won’t happen.


When I see a candidate running mud-slinging ads, I know are false, I will not vote for that person.  If a candidate, no matter how long he or she has been in office, resorts to that kind of dirty politics, in my opinion, is not qualified to represent me, or you for that matter.