The Cardinals are 1 and 3

The Cardinals are 1 and 3!


Back in 1987 Sports Illustrated featured my hometown, post season starved, baseball team, The Cleveland Indians on its front cover.  The tribe was Sports Illustrated’s preseason pick to go all the way.  The Indians finished with the worst record in baseball (61-101)!


So I’m thinking, what about all this hype in the off season over the Arizona Cardinals?  The darling of every sports writer and broadcaster.  The Amazon Prime TV series, “All or Nothing, A Season with The Arizona Cardinals,” made the team and the players national celebrities…it even had some of the cards walking the red carpet reception in Hollywood! All the glitz and glamor of celebrity……. all this hype leading up to…. well, disappointment. 


The Arizona Cardinals were supposed to be the best team in the NFC West, an elite team in the NFL and one of the favorites to win Super Bowl 51.  They are 1 and 3 in the first quarter of the season, unbelieveable!


You think they are breaking the “Cardinal Rule” of publicity.  It’s what someone told me early on in my Broadcasting career, “Don’t believe the hype!”


Let’s hope they get over all this celebrity crap, pay no attention to the media and play football!