Bias in the Media? CUBS vrs a ragtag team of underdogs.

Bias in the Media?  CUBS vrs  a ragtag team of underdogs.



Maybe the Diamondbacks could learn a thing or two from the Cleveland Indians.  According to a story in the Wall Street Journal the other day, the Indians are underdogs.


“The team lacks virtually any star power at all!   Their payroll ranks in the bottom third of the major leagues, and they acquired the vast majority of their core players without the benefit of throwing big money at free agents.”


They couldn’t afford good players so they got players that were half good, and they relied

on the strength of players they developed themselves.  Many are calling the Cleveland Indians a rag team of underdogs.  You think the Arizona Diamondbacks could do this relying on developing home gown talent, ignoring the stars and getting players with potential?  Maybe, we’ll have to wait for the outcome of the World Series to see if they’ll be persuaded.


And if you ever doubted there was bias in the media, watch all the local newscasts, take a look at the front pages of the papers, it’s all about the Cubs, even after the Indians stunning victory (shut out!) in the first game of the World Series. 


The Cubs are the darling of the media, the Indians?  Just some rag tag, team of underdogs from a rust belt, blue collar city barely disserving a mention in the media at all.  


And you know what, I and Indian fans, and the Cleveland Indians love it and would have it no other way!