Why the Cleveland Indians should win the World Series!

My love for Chief Wahoo and the boys.


When I was in the 10th grade at Euclid High School in Euclid, Ohio, I sat next to the most beautiful girl in study hall.  Her name was Judy Podobnikar.  I really wanted to make out with her, but I was too shy.  And I thought, she would never want anything to do with me she was a senior and I was a lowly sophomore.  I would try to look at her, but when she looked at me I would look away.

The next year I moved away to Wickliffe High School in another town Wickliffe, Ohio and there I found out from a friend of hers that she liked me!

I bring this up because this is the same relationship I’ve had over the years with the Cleveland Indians.  I remember one day a long time ago, I was riding with my father through downtown Cleveland, and I noticed there was trash all over the streets.  I said, “Dad, why is there so much junk on the sidewalks?” and he said, “Son, the best thing in the world has happened, The Cleveland Indians won the World Series! And they had a big celebration yesterday.”  That was 1948!  I was 4 and half years old! And I fell in love with them. 

My heroes were Bob Lemon, Mike Garcia, Al Rosen and Larry Doby. Satchel Paige, Lou Boudreau and, of course, Bob Feller.  And I always wanted to express my fondness of them and my hometown boys of summer, but was afraid of being shunned.   You know, like Judy in study hall. And over the years, boy was I shunned, there were a few years when they came close, but it was not to be.

So now, Chief Wahoo returns to the fall classic which it hasn’t won in 68 years.  And their opponents, oh my God, the Chicago Cubs, who haven’t won the championship in 108 years!  For me, this is the most exciting sports event in Centuries! Nothing could come close to the meaning of this series it terms of history, tradition, and emotion for Clevelanders and Cleveland fans, (and cubbies people too). 

Whomever wins this World Series, whether it be Chicago or my Cleveland Indians, the win will be well deserved.  And my love for Chief Wahoo and the boys will continue regardless. 


I wonder where Judy Podobnikar is these days.