Rain and Clouds in the desert.

OK, let’s be honest, how many of you woke up this morning (Sunday Oct 2nd) because it was raining and you wanted to run to the garage and fling open the garage door and watch it rain?


I did, then I slowly walked out on the drive way and picked up a soggy, water logged Sunday Paper which is always all wet whether it rains or not! 


I immediately started the Kurig, grabbed the Saturday WSJ sections I always save for Sunday morning, “Review” and “Off Duty”, and sat out on the patio and was just totally immersed in the rain coming down.


Cloudy skies and raining days are to be cherished here in Phoenix, Arizona.  Most of us, or at least, a lot of us have moved here from someplace else.  30 years ago I up-rooted my family, left Lansing, Michigan and trekked across the nation and drove stakes deeply into the
Sonoran desert.


The previous year, living in Lansing, Michigan we experienced about 70 sunny days, it was mostly cloudy or partly cloudy just about all the time.  I remember one day sitting in my attorney’s conference room, with about 7 or 8 people gathered around the conference table discussing some very important business, when suddenly everyone stopped talking, got up out of their chairs, walked over to the window, and gazed at the sky, the sun had broken through the clouds!  It was the first time in a couple of months! Everyone was silent for at least a minute. 


It’s crazy, isn’t it?  Here it’s just the opposite, we see the clouds and we get refreshed. 


Shel Silverstein wrote in a hilarious song, “After you’ve been eating steak for a long time, beans, beans taste fine.”


Don’t you just love beans?