So today we have our mail-in ballots and we’re getting ready to vote in the General Election.  Ruth and I will sit at the kitchen table (island) and we will talk about each candidate and who we think deserves our votes. We very seldom disagree, but sometimes we do.


As I see it, there are three extremely important races we have to decide on, County Sherriff, US Senate, and, of course, President of the United States.


This has been such a crappy, and I did intend to use that word, crappy, presidential campaign, I’m tempted to just throw the ballots in the trash.  I’m thinking about the latest garbage being dug up about Donald Trump.  His enemies say after what he said about women to NBC’s Billy Bush, he is not presidential.  Not presidential?  Really?


Let’s talk about who has been presidential in the past.


John F. Kennedy.  Swimming naked in the White House Pool with naked women, while the secret service guarded the doorway so Jackie would not stumble in.  Or the many sexual partners he had, and even shared with his brother Robert, you know the Attorney General? Even, reportedly sharing the sexual favors together with a famous Hollywood star, and Mafia mistresses.  Oh, that’s presidential!


Ted Kennedy who left a girl to drown in the back seat of his car, while he swam to safety, at Chappaquiddick to protect his butt and then becomes a US Senator and Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Party!  Presidential?


President Lyndon Johnson who conducted news conferences while sitting on the toilet!  Oh that’s presidential!


Bill Clinton?  Presidential?  Having sex with a young intern in the Oval Office, with a cigar?  Leaving that stain on her dress, remember? And he was impeached!  Presidential!


President Barrack Obama, inviting rappers to the White House whose lyrics promote the killing of policemen, and degrading women.  Now that’s presidential!


How about a candidate, a United States Senator, who lied to the American People, Congress and to the FBI, as disclosed by the FBI, about destroying hundreds of thousands of emails, on an illegal private server, containing classified material, which could have been hacked by our country’s enemies, revealing our nation’s secrets to keep our country secure and safe.  Oh now, that’s presidential!


Now to be fair and balanced, Donald Trump.  I have never been impressed as to “The Donald” being presidential.  He seems to lack intellectual curiosity, very shallow in thought about issues, in fact he hardly articulates any solutions to our nation’s problems at all.  He seems to care more about his successes and all his money, at least, that’s all he seems to talk about.  But I do get the feeling that he’s honest, and cares about our country. Would that make him a good president?  I don’t know.


This is what I’m thinking, maybe I’ll hold off on my vote until after the final debate on Wednesday evening.